Sep 10, 2009

.smell of hometown.

halo halo halo halo.

hahhahaaaa.i'm very happy coz finally 16sept will coming soon.i can't wait to see my family and also my fucking damn cute cats!

so i've just finished my midterm.urmm.kindly hard for me.but i wished everything will be good as i wanted.

my time sleep right now kinda weird.i slept around 10 pm and i will woke up at 1 or 2 am.acctually i wanted to finished my assgmnt but sadly i just online fb.hahaa.

tibe2 cm ngntok plak.hahhaa.ckp bm la sng.aku bkan pndai sgt nk speaking nie.esok updated laen la.
cm mls plak.

bye bye.

-cam bodo plak entry nie-

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