Mar 28, 2010

.the only exception.

Having a great friday with some friends at Tanjung aru beach and great ikan bakar with sotong bakar at Pasar Philipine.i'm doin nothin at this weekend.agak bored.huhuu.oooh yeah.i'm enjoying a meal at suria sabah at nasi lemak antarabangsa kampung baru.someone pay for me.thank you.i will belanja u okay when i'm having a lot of money.insyaallah.

Today's feeling wasnt good.idk why.that morning had a conversation with my sister.i feel sad when she talking about someone.urmm.i hate this feeling.for that feeling i didnt touched my works yg berlambak.badd!

Final exam just around the corner.dup dap dup dap.neves.hahaa.

i'm tired.

myheart is empty.full of dust.GOD please guide me.

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