Mar 21, 2010

.kissed a man.

  • i miss my close friend at semenanjung.a lot of stories nie weh
  • i miss my mum cooked.sedapnye ayam masak susu.huhuu
  • seriously when i'm not in the mood i need my guitar.maybe i should bring its next sem
  • i'm a happy person and a good listeners
  • i love hardcore
  • i love my mum's vintage
  • i think i should buys new clothes because i felt bored wearing the same clothes.haha
  • i love pump shoes because i feel sexy
  • it's been a months i didnt go to watch movie.
  • i'm happy making a freinds.
  • i really love whats related to chesee.nyum nyum
  • i adore black and grey
  • i like guys who can play guitars.gatai.
  • they are only two person who i trust and can share all my stories.
  • i just bought new necklace and its so cantekk!
p/s: i've got two presentation this weeks and i've to finish my group assignment.dgr cite AF dh start.hahhaa \m/

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